Disciplined leadership in advancing sustainability



Julia is adept at working with experienced change makers to ensure good process and coordination in a collective learning environment.  Often Julia’s facilitation includes research and strategy advice.  Julia’s role as Outside Program Manager for the development and implementation of the Chicago Climate Action Plan (City of Chicago, 2007-9) exemplifies her facilitation acumen. The Chicago Climate Action Plan is recognized as a top plan.


Julia undertakes primary and secondary research that provides data-driven rigor to support strategic decisions. Julia frequently produces scans of the field and assessments of lessons learned to guide decision-making.  A good example is her report Green Chemistry and Economic Development (Health and Environmental Funders Network, 2007). 

Program Development Strategy

Based on her decades of experience, Julia advises leaders about the development of programs, initiatives and new organizations. Julia brings her broad experience in product and process development to every engagement.  A good example is her leadership in designing and growing the Urban Sustainability Directors Network.  (2009 through 2013) and her report Strategies for Investing That Support a Community Development Mission (Heron Foundation, 1999).



Julia’s areas of particular expertise are network development, learning process management, and project development and management. Her content expertise covers sustainability, climate change mitigation and adaptation, smart growth, development finance, community development, economic development, and workforce development.