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Responses to a Quickly Evolving Landscape

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    Delta Institute, where I serve as board chair, recently issued its annual report. Take a look. It is inspiring at a time when we need it.  

  • Baltimore Deal Will Support Black Entrepreneurship

    What I like about this approach is that it focuses on serious work to uncover barriers over time and add features that address them.  It is hard to know all the barriers up front.  There has to be a commitment to on-going change.  

  • Does Closing the Racial Wealth Gap Start in the Cradle?

    Great reports that explain how government helped create racial wealth gaps and how it might reduce them.  Includes a recommendation for Individual Development Accounts for all newborns.  IDAs have been around a long time, but not scaled.  Cap and Dividend is a proposal Peter Barnes worked on to use carbon fees to fund IDAs.  Could it all come together someday?  Sounds good to me.  

  • See a great video about Delta Institute’s participation in Chicago Artisan Grain Collaborative.  Perennial wheat for all!! (I am on the board. but I have tasted the bread and now I am a fan.) 

  • Baltimore Anchor Institutions Work Together on Blight

    In the wake of unrest after Freddie Gray’s death in police custody, Baltimore universities and companies got together quickly to launch a jobs program aimed at economic disparities. Leveraging $10 million from Johns Hopkins has resulted in, Reiner says, $644 million in development in the 10 neighborhoods and a 53 percent reduction in vacant properties.  Other cities also have launched such initiatives, including Knoxville, which received a Partners for Places equity pilot grant.  

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