Disciplined leadership in advancing sustainability

Responses to a Quickly Evolving Landscape

  • Driven Doer: Julia Parzen | Delta Institute

    I am honored to be the new board chair at Delta Institute. Delta works in partnership with business, government and communities in the Great Lakes region to create and implement innovative, market-driven solutions that build environmental resilience, economic vitality and healthy communities. 

    To help demonstrate the market potential of sustainable businesses, Delta creates and manages innovative social enterprises, including the P2E2 Center, a for-profit carbon credit trading platform, the Revere LLC, a for-profit energy efficiency lender, and it launched the Rebuilding Exchange, a nonprofit materials reuse store.

  • San Diego Climate Plan Means Big Potential for Jobs

    Looks like a serious effort to achieve a triple bottomline, including addressing disparities through implementation of climate action goals. Seeing this more and more. It is so helpful to have supportive state policies and, especially, funding.  

  • The Santa Fe Strategy: How Small Cities Can Act on Climate and Inequality

    I look forward to learning more about the Santa Fe Verde Fund for coordinated citywide action to address climate and inequality. It looks like an unusually thoughtful approach to linking green progress, cost savings for households, and high quality green jobs for residents searching for a way into the economy.

  • Funders' Network

    Another million dollars of great projects partnering local government sustainability directors and local place-based foundations.  These are natural partners in building livable, resilient communities.   

  • AllTransit

    How good is your transit access? Enter your address and find out.  How does your neighborhood compare to others in your city or how do cities compare? Where are transit inequities?  You can find out.   

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